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Replacement - Case Study 3

Patient: Male

Age: 70

Problem: This patient didn’t like his current NHSdemtire as they looked false. We fitted a new cosmetic denture made to match his natural teeth with staining.

Service: Partial denture

Turnaround: 3 visits required

Cost: £495


Neglect - Case Study 2

Patient: Female

Age: 34

Problem: This patient lost all her natural teeth through neglect after her second baby. She presented at the clinic with no dentures and needed an urgent responce.

Service: Full denture

Turnaround: One week – 4 visits required

Cost: £850

bay one denture clinic case study
bay one denture clinic case study

Sports Injury - Case Study 1

Patient: Male

Age: 28

Problem: This patient arrived in clinic presenting a sports injury. He had his front teeth knocked out during a boxing match and was pretty desperate for a solution.

Service: Acrylic partial denture

Turnaround: 2 visits required

Cost: £350

male mouth showing two missing teeth from a sports injury
Sports injury made right with new partial denture
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