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One Patients Journey

Having lived in fear of losing my teeth all my life I was filled with horror at the prospect of having dentures fitted, let alone the necessary extractions. My mouth was in a bad way and I had to take some action. A friend recommended Bay One Denture Clinic and I decided to take the plunge and made an appointment.
At the clinic I met Andrew and Jelena, possibly two of the most remarkable people I have ever met. Professional, competent, skilled, encouraging and compassionate. I felt totally at ease and knew I was in good hands.

It is very important to be realistic. I didn’t want a Hollywood smile, just natural looking teeth. I wasn’t expecting a miracle but that’s pretty much what I got. This all took place mid pandemic. First contact 27.11.20 procedure 2.1.21.
2 weeks later than planned as I missed my appointment on the 19.12.20 otherwise the whole process would have been completed in 22 days.

Here is an honest account of my experience:-

Sent an email with pic of my mouth after 8.30pm on a Friday night and Andrew responded to me within an hour!!! Astonishing. Booked in for 1st appointment following Tuesday.

Appointment 1 Consultation – Jelena worked out which of my teeth were strong enough to provide support and it was decided I would need 9 extractions, 2 of which were broken molars that I expected would have to be ‘dug’ out, still I decided to go ahead.
No waiting.

Appointment 2 Impressions – brief appointment where impressions were taken.
No waiting

Appointment 3 X-rays – I went to Jelenas dental practice in Maghull for these.
No waiting.

Appointment 4 First fitting – Wax models were tried in my mouth which did feel weird but I was not alarmed as I had been fully informed of what to expect by Andrew and Jelena as I was throughout every stage of the treatment. I expressed some despair at it all and Jelena reassured me by saying ‘Of course, you will be sore for a bit’, then her voice changed and her eyes lit up and she said, ‘and then you will love them’. I truly believed her.
No waiting

Appointment 5 – The big event – I messed up and arrived too late. Jelena wouldn’t rush it and there was another patient due. I was not charged for missing this appointment although it would have been more than fair if I had been. I emailed Andrew to say how sorry I was for messing them around and he emailed back me to say I didn’t have to be sorry, he felt disappointed for me as he could see I’d been building myself up. Which I had.
I wish I’d been there in time to be waiting.

Appointment 6 or day 1 – The real big event – As I have an extreme fear of dentists due to past experiences I had acquired a couple of diazepam from my GP, this however proved unnecessary. The magical being that is Jelena the dentist painlessly removed all 9 teeth, 2 of which I thought would need surgery – big broken back molars. She got them all out whole and left no shards. She did it so gently and with so little pressure that even with minimum pain relief there is no bruising or pain just a minor dull ache, there was hardly any bleeding even though I take blood thinners. I am astonished at her skill. Immediate dentures were fitted. Andrew had made dentures that looked really like my own teeth used to. Also ensuring the fit was as good as possible as my gums were swelling. (My friend said ‘They look like you’ve been smoking and drinking red wine and coffee your whole life with them). They are an incredible team.

2nd day – Slight displacement due to swelling. Some difficulty with eating, even small lumps in soup seem troublesome but it may just be me being too cautious. Little pain. No bruising. Encouraging emails from Andrew to keep me going and help me stay positive. Speech improving already which is very reassuring as that was a major concern. Keep playing the video in my head of Jelena saying ‘Of course, you will be sore for a bit’, then her voice changes and her eyes light up and she says, ‘and then you will love them’. I still believe her.
Just caught sight of myself in bathroom mirror and actually smiled at myself. Jeez they look real. Some are still my own so fitting around them has left a natural look. Amazing.

3rd day – Woke up to a wave of relief passing over me. It’s done. Still a bit of swelling so fit not quite right but that is to be expected. Following advice to rinse with salt water and trying to eat nutritiously, sticking to soup and smoothies but not much of an appetite. Some soreness so analgesic alternated every 3 hours, (co-codamol, ibuprofen). Also taking organic Turmeric with bioperine 500mg as anti inflammatory twice daily and drinking elderflower cordial which has very high vitamin C content and is good for healing. Keeping a chart of what I take when so as to be safe.

4th day – More of the same. Some soreness where back molars extracted but that’s to be expected. Those big teeth had been there since 1970. Over 50 years. Started antibiotics, which Jelena had thoughtfully provided, to be on the safe side. Continuing with 3 hourly analgesic. Pain nowhere near as bad as expected. I’m still smiling.

5th day – Had to stop ibuprofen as was getting upset stomach. So only co-codamol every 6 hours. Noticeable difference with pain. Quite sore and throbbing. Jelena contacted me to see how things were going. When I told her she gave me an appointment for tomorrow, just to be sure all is well.

6th day – Reduction in pain. 6 hourly co-codamol appears to be working for whole 6 hours. Have been sleeping a lot, they say sleep is a good healer. Feel I have turned a corner. Appointment at clinic went very well, all healing nicely. Couple of niggly edges were removed. Much more comfortable. Can’t be tightened just yet as my mouth is changing so much, (9 tooth extractions will do that), but maybe in a couple of weeks. Jelena used some poly grip on them and that has made a huge difference.
No waiting.

7th day – I had been informed by a friend who had been through a similar, experience that after 2 weeks my brain would accept these new things in my mouth as permanent and I would be really happy and wondering what all the fuss was about but it’s only been 7 days and I’m already feeling very comfortable with my new products, (we don’t say denture or extraction in my house, we say the product or the procedure). My speech is practically normal already, unbelievable. No painkillers today. Very slight throb if I exert myself which probably means oxygenated blood getting to the wounds which can only be good. All in all, AMAZING. If I had known how good a service like this can be I would have done it 5 years ago and probably saved more of my natural teeth. So go now you’ll never be sorry, you’ll be as relieved as I am.
There really is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s address is 120 Knowsley Road, Bootle, Liverpool and it’s kept on by 2 very special people, Andrew and Jelena. Thank you. You have changed my world.

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